Printing 101 & 201-Part 2

Wintry Press has moved to Long Island City. Many printers & allied trade companies (die-cutters, binderies, envelope suppliers, etc.), have done the same. New Jersey & Queens have replaced Manhattan with much of the once NY based industry. These areas are thriving, with the once more thriving, printing industry. Wintry Press is still as easy to get to as ever-5 stops on E or V train from midtown (42nd St.) Manhattan. We are surrounded by our supplier partners, just like we were when we were downtown in the Varick Street area. There is a similarity in feel to the Varick/Hudson Street printing mecca of years ago-kind of interesting. Not like being in Soho, but the view of Manhattan is incredible. Nice restaurants are emerging in the area. Wintry Press is here & happy in a new printing hot spot. Later all-

Harold Chayefsky

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