Printing 101 & 201-Part 3

A little bit more on uncoated papers & printing. The results of printing 4 color process photos on uncoated papers, as all designers & artists know, can be beautiful. The results can be made to look soft & watercolor like by printing by printing on high end vellum finish stocks-such as Astrolite, Starwhite Vicksburg or perhaps Mohawk Via. Or, the results can be made to look richer & sharper by using high end smooth or super smooth uncoated stocks-such as Mohawk Navajo, or the super smooth, but less high end Finch Fine. Results will vary by the stock chosen, but will always be affected most by the pre-press work. Compensation for dot gain, adjusting the plate curves, and then being sure the pre-press work is linked to the press, will all result with a beautifully printed piece. Wintry Press has produced many projects that put this combination together very effectively.

Harold Chayefsky

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