Printing 101 & 201-Part 4

Digital, digital, digital-Digital printing can mean almost anything-from simple copies (black or color) to “elaborate/fancy” higher quality pieces that get produced on very sophisticated  (and expensive) digital printing presses. The Indigo press can print color images beautifully from the 4 process colors, but can also print PMS spot colors along with the 4 color. The results can be dazzling. The way the a 4 color image comes out on uncoated paper is incredible. Because the ink/toner sits on top of the paper without absorption, the detail and color can remain incredibly clear & clean. In many ways, it is almost not possible to reproduce the look with conventional printing. So, depending on the image, the stock, the quantity, the option of printing a job digitally could be the best choice. Wintry Press has the capability to print digital jobs, and then finish the jobs with almost every binding option-saddle stitch, perfect bind, etc. More to come on digital printing.

Harold Chayefsky 

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