Printing 101 & 201-Part New

We at Wintry Press have discussed in the previous blogs, digital printing & some of its appropriateness in some situations. We have discussed uncoated papers, and some of its properties under certain conditions. There is so much more to talk about with digital printing & uncoated papers, but a little talk of coated papers would be good now. 

Gloss coated-Sort of speaks for itself, but will be closest in look to many of the conventional proofing systems which are gloss themselves. Gloss stock, along with the gloss inks used, and a gloss varnish or aqueous coating will deliver a very high gloss piece. Can be beautifully flashy & eye catching. Gloss paper can also be used with a satin aqueous coating (between gloss & matte), to “knock down” the gloss of the paper a bit. The design and designers will determine what look works best.

Dull, Silk coated-Also, like the gloss stocks, these papers have good coatings with high ink holdout. The same ideas can be used as with gloss. Put a satin finish on the silk or dull stock, and you come out with a beautiful finish, that is neither glossy or matte.

Matte coated-The surfaces can be very flat, but still have a very good coating. Some matte sheets however, have less coating, and can get a little to close to uncoated papers, so the lower end matte stocks should be chosen carefully. Put a gloss, satin, or matte finish on top and you can end up with a very elegant printed product.

As always, good design mixed with well chosen paper, and clean printing will produce desired results.

Wintry Press & its team will consult & help in any way to reach your desired result on projects.

Harold Chayefsky

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