Sending Files

This may be basic to many, but if nothing else, it will let you know how files can be sent to Wintry Press. Which, by the way, is via any of the preferred methods. 

Files can be simply e-mailed if they are simple-if a file is very big, or complicated, it may not be a good idea, or possible to e-mail

Files can be sent to the Wintry Press ftp site. A dedicated site, set up to receive files of any size. Access to the ftp site can be obtained from the printer (Wintry)

Files can always be picked up via messenger-the hand to hand method-low tech, but it works really well, unless of course the client is in Chicago, and the printer in NY

One final piece of info with the e-mail & ftp-a comprehensive mock up of the job is great for the printer to have-showing pages, back up, and position of all art-finding a way, under any circumstances to get that to the printer along with the art is very helpful

Harold Chayefsky

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