More on uncoated paper printing

In the September 16 Wintry Press blog posting, we talked about uncoated papers, and their beauty and print qualities. I would like to discuss just a little more about uncoated paper printing in direct reference to a job Wintry printed for a high end fashion company. The client wanted a “water color” like paper. Meaning very thick, very rough, but soft, vellum service, with the look & feel of being absorbent. Of course, with printing papers too much absorption is a problem for ink holdout. So, this paper had to be very printable, but have those qualities. Wintry, along with the client found a stock that suited the purpose-sorry, it is no longer made, but there are other options. The trick here was to reproduce a fine 4 color image, along with the skin tone of the models, on this paper with as little perceived gain as possible. It was actually easier than it seems. Along with adjusting the plate curves for uncoated paper, we adjusted for dot gain about 3-4 times as much as usual. This resulted in a proof that was quite light, but when ink went to paper it hit the desired image perfectly. It resulted in rich colors, along with detail that could not be seen on the proof-interesting, a bit scary, but it worked. In any case, the point is, that with a little creativity, good pre-press work, experience & communication, the desired results can be obtained under what might not be considered by all to be perfect printing materials & conditions. Just try it!

Harold Chayefsky

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