A Bit About Large Format Printing

Large format printing can be digital or conventional. When digital the size of the printed piece can vary widely-from 1 foot wide to 10 feet wide by just as many, or more, feet long. because the paper is on a roll, the length of the finished piece can be almost anything. With conventional printing the size of the piece is going to be limited by the size of the press, and by the size the paper is available. With more generic papers, such as coated or offset/opaque uncoated sheets, the availability will be there to fit the large format sheet fed presses. But, when you start to get into the higher end coated sheets and uncoated sheets (i.e. McCoy for coated or Superfine for uncoated) there will be limitations. With small quantities the large sheets simply may not be available. Custom ordered or not. With larger quantities (1,000’s of pounds of paper), the mills may make a large size to fit your needs. By the way, these large sheet fed presses get big. From 38″ x 50″ on the smaller side, to about 68″ x 81″ on the large side. There are others, but that covers the most common range. The print quality on the digital machines can be very nice, of course always depending on the original art and pre-press work. On the newer large sheet presses, the quality can be just as high as a more conventional 40″ press. More on large format at another time. Not the biggest market for Wintry, but it exists and it can be interesting.

Harold Chayefsky

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