Finishing Methods-1st entry

There are so many ways to finish a printed job-the processes seem very limited at times, but the reality is that even the most common binding methods have many possibilities. Wintry Press has worked with some very creative designers who have challenged the possibilities of each. 

If we start with saddle stitching, and/or staple binding-about as basic as it gets, other than folding-we can immediately think of a few things. First is to put 2 staples on the spine of the booklet. But, we can also use colored staples, and we can also staple on the face of the book-along the side. We can use a stay stitch to hold another printed piece in the book, and then stitch the book. We can use larger, more industrial like staples on the side to give a look of more solidity. The possibilities/options can be very interesting, and go on from there.

With perfect binding-and I’ll use that term for any book or booklet bound with glue on the spine-is actually a bit more limited, I believe, and more expensive, for sure. However, there is conventional perfect binding, notch binding (a bit stronger), lay flat, and simple glue binding. The glue binding on the spine is usually the product of a web press, but does not have to be. Depends on results desired. Small page counts will not give you a square spine. Wintry recently finished a project where we perfect bound an oblong book, and the put 2 large galvanized metal staples on the face of the book, approximately 1/4″ from the binding edge.

Harold Chayefsky

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