Finishing Methods-2nd Entry

To continue a bit on the finishing methods-1st entry from earlier, we can briefly discuss a few more ways to bind/finish a printed job. 

A nice way to put a book together, or just pages together is to wire-o bind the book. Or, some sort of spiral, whether it’s metal or plastic. Again, the possibilities are not endless, but there are a lot of choices. The wire for spiral binding can be the usual black or silver. But many colors exist, form white, green, red, blue, bronze, etc. Since wire-o or spiral will allow the pages to lie flat, this can be very helpful with books that need to viewed by a group of people. Wintry has produced quite a few presentation booklets for architects over the years using wire-o to bind. A very thick book can be bound using wire-o or spiral. The results very nice.

Another possibility for binding a book is to put grommets or eyelets through the face of the book close to the binding edge. I talked about this on a specific job in the “interesting job” entry of 9/22/09. Just as a note-eyelets have the hole through them, grommets do not. The usual choice is eyelets. They come standard in many colors, but can also be obtained with a color of the designers choice-basically painted to match. They come in different sizes-width, depth. However, you probably do not want to bind a very thick book with eyelets. Besides the limitation of size, they can move a bit if not tight enough, and the more pages, the easier it moves. This method is a bit different than what is usually seen, but the end product will also be different from what you usually see. Sometimes a good thing

Harold Chayefsky

2 Responses to “Finishing Methods-2nd Entry”

  1. Marcos Dinnerstein Says:

    Hi Harold,

    Great blog you have going here. If possible and when appropriate it would be great to see pictures of things like the various types of finishing you discuss. You are creating an interesting useful resource here.



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