Wintry Press prints letterpress. We started a few years back, and it has gained momentum over those years. Letterpress printing has been used for quite a while now by designers, for everything from invitations to business cards and full identity packages. Printing logos & artwork (and the art can be quite intricate), to type, both large & small is easily accomplished with the oldest (almost) of printing methods. The variety of papers that can be used with letterpress gets expanded on the heavier uncoated cover stocks-160# to 200# is not a problem. But, these heavy stocks could not be put through an offset press. Textures work well for letterpress, whether it be vellum, felt, linen, etc. Of course, any color can be matched, just like offset, but with the impression that letterpress makes in the paper, there is a depth that can be gained over offset. Wintry is working on a letterpress project now, and I will write about the production & finished results when the job is complete.

Harold Chayefsky

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