Letterpress-the job

We (Wintry) have finished the letterpress job I referred to in the September 28th posting. The job finished just fine. The envelopes were not printed letterpress. The client was a bit concerned about the impression showing through to the front or the back of the envelope-we printed 2 envelopes-one printed on the face/front & the other printed on the flap. The job printed in 2 PMS colors, and matching the colors was not a hard task. The usual fiddling up & down to get the density looking good. The trickier part was getting the impression correct, or at the desired level. Many people want to see that impression of the letterpress image deep in the paper. But, with this job, the desire was to not have an impression so heavy that it could be seen on the other side of the paper. The job printed 2 sides, and having the impression interfere with the type would not have been nice. We (Wintry & the client) therefore wanted to have the job still look like it was printed by the letterpress process, but not done so heavy handedly that the impression banged through to the other side. This was accomplished by using very heavy (thick) paper, and also by changing the packing under the plate a few times to get the desired results. With the heavy paper & the letterpress image, the job is beautiful, and different.

Harold Chayefsky

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