Die-cutting-The Basics and a Job

Die-cutting is a large part of most commercial printing companies business. And Wintry Press is no exception. We die-cut simple pocket folders, and complex custom shaped pocket folders. We die-cut the front covers of booklets, and die-cut pockets for the inside back covers of magazines. Business card slits, CD slots, gluing pockets 2 sides or 1 side are all pretty standard. 1 job Wintry produced with a die-cut component stands out, at least for this moment. 

Wintry produced a very interestingly designed invitation (actually quite a few, but I’ll talk about just one), with a large animal as the lead character on the front cover of the invite. The eye of the animal was die-cut (3/8″ circle) to reveal the eye of the animal on the inside-very effective (eye catching?)-sorry.

Harold Chayefsky

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