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Printing 101 & 201-Part 4

September 17, 2009

Digital, digital, digital-Digital printing can mean almost anything-from simple copies (black or color) to “elaborate/fancy” higher quality pieces that get produced on very sophisticated  (and expensive) digital printing presses. The Indigo press can print color images beautifully from the 4 process colors, but can also print PMS spot colors along with the 4 color. The results can be dazzling. The way the a 4 color image comes out on uncoated paper is incredible. Because the ink/toner sits on top of the paper without absorption, the detail and color can remain incredibly clear & clean. In many ways, it is almost not possible to reproduce the look with conventional printing. So, depending on the image, the stock, the quantity, the option of printing a job digitally could be the best choice. Wintry Press has the capability to print digital jobs, and then finish the jobs with almost every binding option-saddle stitch, perfect bind, etc. More to come on digital printing.

Harold Chayefsky 

Printing 101 & 201-Part 3

September 16, 2009

A little bit more on uncoated papers & printing. The results of printing 4 color process photos on uncoated papers, as all designers & artists know, can be beautiful. The results can be made to look soft & watercolor like by printing by printing on high end vellum finish stocks-such as Astrolite, Starwhite Vicksburg or perhaps Mohawk Via. Or, the results can be made to look richer & sharper by using high end smooth or super smooth uncoated stocks-such as Mohawk Navajo, or the super smooth, but less high end Finch Fine. Results will vary by the stock chosen, but will always be affected most by the pre-press work. Compensation for dot gain, adjusting the plate curves, and then being sure the pre-press work is linked to the press, will all result with a beautifully printed piece. Wintry Press has produced many projects that put this combination together very effectively.

Harold Chayefsky

Printing 101 & 201-Part 2

September 15, 2009

Wintry Press has moved to Long Island City. Many printers & allied trade companies (die-cutters, binderies, envelope suppliers, etc.), have done the same. New Jersey & Queens have replaced Manhattan with much of the once NY based industry. These areas are thriving, with the once more thriving, printing industry. Wintry Press is still as easy to get to as ever-5 stops on E or V train from midtown (42nd St.) Manhattan. We are surrounded by our supplier partners, just like we were when we were downtown in the Varick Street area. There is a similarity in feel to the Varick/Hudson Street printing mecca of years ago-kind of interesting. Not like being in Soho, but the view of Manhattan is incredible. Nice restaurants are emerging in the area. Wintry Press is here & happy in a new printing hot spot. Later all-

Harold Chayefsky

Printing 101 & 201

September 14, 2009

4 printing things

1) On uncoated paper, be sure to talk with your printer (Wintry Press), about dot gain, and how much-your printer should know to do this on their own, but getting involved is never a bad idea-

2) On coated papers-there are so many these days (gloss, silk, dull, matte)-discuss the different properties of each for desired results-

3) With smaller quantities, discuss the possibility of digital printing being more appropriate-speed & economy-

4) Digital printing is great these days, and getting better-it’s works well in all sorts of areas we may not think about-

At Wintry Press we will work/consult with you to determine the best method to achieve the best results, whether you are a new or seasoned professional.

Of course, if I can be of any assistance, please contact me.

Harold Chayefsky