Simple but complex

One of the most interesting jobs Wintry ever printed, from a production point of view, was a simple 2 color booklet. The complex nature of the job came in with the quantity being in the millions, and the need to come off press with a finished press product for both economy and speed. The second complication came with and odd number of pages (26 total), and 4-6 (depending on which issue) of those pages folding out from the back of the booklet. Not many presses can accommodate this type of folding on press, along with the glue binding, all in one pass through the press. Of course, binding after the job comes off press was an option, but as I mentioned, not a good one-binding the job off-line would have taken the proverbial forever. Once all the preliminary production issues were worked out the job ran well. The make-ready took about 24 hours, with narrow ribbons of paper looping through the press at high speed and marrying together at different points along the press. An amazing printing & engineering feat-almost Rube Goldberg like, but I don’t want to relate Wintry printing too closely to Rube Goldberg. An interesting job to both produce and print.

Harold Cjayefsky

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