A Wintry Job Challenge

Wintry Press, as a leading commercial printing company in the New York metropolitan area, is called upon to work closely with our clients to figure out a design/print solution to a particular design vision. The booklet I am going to talk about fell under this category completely. The text required the use of spot UV coating to bring out the high end jewelry pieces on each page. This was not a huge challenge, but laying down the spot UV in-line, and in the right position made the text pages just jump out at you. The real challenge, which was ultimately accomplished was the embossing of the cover. Wintry needed to create an embossing die about 32″ wide that would simulate the look of embossed leather, which was taken from a real piece of leather, after the whole cover was printed in solid silver. Getting the look of the leather from a photograph and a piece of film, as you can imagine, took a while. The corrections being made and re-made by the designer until they and the client were satisfied. Embossing, and getting the embossed dots/circles and other “leather” shapes to be uniform in impression depth across the front cover, back cover, and the folded in front and back cover to time , and trial and error. But, was necessary for the look trying to be attained. The effort on everyone’s part was worth it. The booklet/catalog had a rich silver cover with embossed matte leatherette finish, and the text pages were either full UV gloss with black background, or white background with the only the jewelry UV coated. A stunning finished show piece.

Harold Chayefsky

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