Custom Envelope

Wintry Press finished a job recently with a few components. One of the components was an outer envelope designed specifically to hold the catalog and other materials to be mailed and distributed. Other than its unique/original size, the envelope needed a large, deep flap that would not get ruined when the envelope was opened. A clean tear towards the bottom of the flap was necessary in order to be able to see the image printed on the inside of the envelope and inside of the flap. This was accomplished, first of all, with a large throat to the envelope-the area that shows the inside of the envelope under the flap. This was needed to show as much of the photo printed on the inside as much as possible. The clean tear was accomplished by using a zipper perforation to open the envelope-similar to a FedEx envelope. Once the tab was pulled, the flap could open cleanly without the usual tears and mess, revealing the photo and making the contents accessible. Again, the creativity of the designer along with the collaboration with Wintry Press created a very nice solution. It worked perfectly, and also looked great.

Harold Chayefsky

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