A Book Cover Covered with Techniques

With a moderately uncomplicated text, the designers of this book along with the consultation of Wintry Press, decided to use almost a handful of finishing & printing techniques on the cover. The book was a standard size, but that is where the standards ended. There was a fold-out on the front cover with a perforation, which created a bookmark. Because it was the front cover the designer did not want the fold-out recessed, so in order to make the front cover flush with the text pages, the book needed to make 2 passe through the perfect binding machine. The fold-out was spot laminated for both endurance and looks. The cover printed in 4 color process, with foil stamping and spot UV lamination enhancing the printing and design. This was all done very tastefully by the designer, so as not to appear garish or overdone in any way. I imagine this book was a very effective tool for our client.

Harold Chayefsky

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