An Interesting Pocket Folder

Wintry Press produces many different types of pocket folders and die-cut pieces-both custom and standard. There is a pocket folder Wintry produced recently with a few somewhat unique elements to it. The size of the folder was a standard size (9″ x 12″ when finished and folded). The folder has one large pocket with capacity. And, there were 3 different capacities from 1/2″ to 1″. To construct this type of folder with such a large pocket, a very heavy uncoated stock was used. The pockets were also glued on 2 sides for additional strength. To hold the folder together with the pockets filled, 2 brass eyelets were attached to the bottom and the sides of the pockets, with elastic stretching from eyelet to eyelet. This allowed the elastic to be pulled around the bottom corners to hold the cover/page 1 over the pocket securely. A pretty nifty and good looking solution. Because the stock used was so heavy and also a dark color, it was not practical to run this through a conventional offset press. The designers had a few options, but chose to use engraving for the logo and address. The contrast between the dark paper and light color is both dramatic, professional and elegant. Coupled with the practicality of the pocket folder itself, the project serves its purpose very well.

Harold Chayefsky

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