Varnish Technique

Wintry Press would like to announce a somewhat new varnish technique  we’ve been using that separates the dull/matte images or areas from the gloss images or areas. The results are similar, but better, to using a matte varnish and a gloss varnish, and costs about the same. Because we start with gloss paper, the areas that are to stay gloss, finish appearing very glossy in contrast to the matte areas. The results are not as dramatic as a spot UV, but spot UV costs more, and takes more time if done off-line. This is a varnish technique which separates the matte & gloss areas very nicely, and is done with one pass through the press. It is very effective in all sorts of design situations. It works well with photos, type, solid areas, etc. Discussing the desired end result beforehand is a good idea, as always. This works, is cost effective, and give dramatic eye-catching results.

Harold Chayefsky

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