A Wintry Wintry Job

A few winters ago, Wintry Press produced a simple holiday card. It was actually a 4 page folder. The piece truly was simple, with type on the inside (page 3) of the folder, and with blind embossing on the front cover. The paper was extremely bright white uncoated-one of the high end text sheets. What made this piece so nice was that the designer asked for one whole refrain from a holiday song to be blind embossed on the front cover. The blind embossed copy covered the whole of the front cover. The type was small enough that from a distance the letters almost looked like snowflakes, but large enough so that up close, the song could be read. The white on white, and the pop of color on the inside made this piece elegant and seasonal. It once again showed us what can be done so effectively with very little but very good, thoughtful design.

Harold Chayefsky

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