Wintry Press Business Card Talk

Wintry Press, again like every other printer prints stationery items-business cards, letterhead, etc. I wanted to talk specifically about business cards because they’re interesting. they’ve been around in one form or another for a long time. they play a large role in business, for such a small (literally), and sometimes seemingly unimportant item. They are many times the first impression a customer will get of you and your company. It’s also true that for some businesses, the business card means nothing more than a paper vehicle for the important information of company, address, phone number, and sometimes a name. This may be true, for say a an auto body shop. Nothing fancy needed, most likely-go to the local store-white paper, black ink. However, printers who are doing work (like Wintry is), for high end clients, need a card that reflects our work and our image, at least to a point. And, other companies, such as designers, advertising, colleges, etc. need cards that reflect who they are. It is not my intention to point out the obvious here-though I like business cards, and consider them important and interesting. I really want to share a few business card designs Wintry recently printed. One that stands out was a simple card printed front and back in metallic silver ink on a kraft (medium brown) paper-beautiful, simple. Another on printed in green on 2 sides, on very smooth, high end, bright white paper. And, the third (there are more, but it will get boring), was a card with a faux wood design printed on 2 sides in 2 colors. All three are very simple designs, but beautiful designs, with the absolute best choices of color and paper. No additional colors or extravagance needed to get the point of the business across. As always, good design, good paper, good printing make a very effective piece-even from the simple business/calling card.

Harold Chayefsky

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