Wintry Press Crazy Die-Cut

This job that Wintry produced (a few years ago at this point), was not really too crazy, but it had some components which were certainly a little out of the ordinary for a commercial printer. The piece was an invitation that consisted of 3 die-cut cards that lay flat. There were slits about an 1/8″ in width-2 on each card, that extended halfway down the short dimension of each card (card was approximately 5″ x 7″). This allowed the cards to be locked together, creating a triangular structure with extended sides, that stood up on the card edges-I know I really need a picture of this one. In short, when people received this piece in the mail, they could have the fun of putting it together, a simple puzzle, and then read the message front, back and inside the structure. The design was simple, though it created a  visually interesting piece when put together-a design that the end user finishes themselves. The only slightly crazy part of this were the die-cut slits, only because the waste from each slit needed to be pulled out by hand, or being so small they could have been caught in the die-cutting machine, creating all sorts of problems. These jobs are always interesting because of their simple, neat effectiveness-nice to see designed, and nice to produce.

Harold Chayefsky

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