Wintry Press Funny/Bunny Job

Well, this job goes back a long way, but I recently remembered the job as I walked past 747 Third Avenue where Playboy’s Corporate offices were located-maybe still are. Before anyone goes crazy, the printing work Wintry did for Playboy consisted of promotional, marketing, and advertising pieces, for the advertising and promotion department. Mostly the pieces consisted of sales sheets, ad reprints, small gift booklets. But, one day the Creative Director needed to produce a few long jump mats for a beach party Playboy was throwing in Florida. We worked out the dimensions together (approximately 3 feet wide by 15 feet long), and the material would be dense black rubber. We screen printed the numbers and lines, in light blue, onto this giant ruler for this giant beach long jump game. And, we had to print in 3 pieces, to be taped together on location. This job was fun, and also a challenge to figure out how to produce this odd request. But, with the ideas of the Creative Director mixed with Wintry Press research, they ended up with the jumping mats they envisioned. And,I’m sure the party was fun.

Harold Chayefsky

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