Wintry Press Odd Job

No, it was not in the shape of a hat. But it did wrap around a hamburger. When Wintry started this job it was conventional enough. There was a program for the dinner, a place marker, and menu. But, at some point the client decided that for this catered affair, the hamburger should have a a band wrapped around its middle in the same colors and promoting the same thing (by the way, this event was a dinner for our Mayor). The question was how to cleanly seal the printed band once it was wrapped around the burger. Any kind of tape was not a good option, and glue did not seem good, as the burger need to be wrapped with the band after cooking, so we needed a quick, automatic hand option. The client came up with the idea of the post-it note glue-a great idea. So, we found a small family company to apply this glue, and shipped the band directly to event location. Of, course, the bands were only printed one side-no printing ink wanted in contact with food. The event was successful, and the burger wrap along with the other pieces made for a very nice presentation-the burger wraps most likely the piece that stood out.

Harold Chayefsky

One Response to “Wintry Press Odd Job”

  1. Amy Says:

    Very impressive, printing has taken a dramatic shift toward art and all things fine & creative. Very interesting and unexpected resolution to a very interesting and unexpected presentation!

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