Wintry Press-Acetate as Art

This was a very interesting job Wintry Press produced a few years ago, with a few different processes happening on a small piece-maybe 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″-to be inserted into an envelope. The bottom layer of the job was a sheet of cover stock that was not printed. The next layers were printed on clear acetate with one of the process colors printed on each of the layers. The acetate layers were collated together, and an eyelet placed in the upper left corner to secure the layers. The eyelet was placed in the upper left corner so the layers could be moved apart and together, creating a visual kaleidoscope when apart (or not in register), or a full color picture when the layers aligned. The base layer also had a message that showed through the clear areas of the overlays, but could also be read without the overlays. Creative and clever, with an understanding of design and fun. It also showed an understanding of the printing process by breaking down the process colors into their individual layers/colors. I suppose to the targeted audience, who were not print/design professionals, this was also educational in a playful way. The designers take the credit with a great solution to what was really a simple party invitation.

Harold Chayefsky

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