Wintry Press and the Postcard

Wintry Press prints postcards-Wintry Press does not print postcards. Both are true, and the difference lies in what defines a postcard. Technically speaking (and not even too technical), a postcard is a card of any sort and size that gets mailed by the post office. But, there are different sizes of postcards. When a postcard is 4″ x 6″ it is mailed at the postcard rate, which is a rate much lower than if the postcard becomes, say, 6″ x 9″. As the size of the card being mailed gets larger, the more expensive it becomes to mail and print. These are all considered postcards. However, the true postcard size-the smaller size, is an item that can be bought from on-line sources, and you can get a reasonably good job. Your postcard is usually ganged up with other postcards, so the color can shift a bit, or a lot, depending on what is running next to or behind your postcard. This is not the Wintry Press market. However, when a postcard needs to carry a beautiful image, and the run is longer, perhaps 10,000 into the 100’s of thousands, then this becomes a job for Wintry or a company like Wintry to handle. Or perhaps the paper chosen by the designer is something not carried by the on-line companies, then the job again is for a Wintry like company. Or, the size is a special size designed specifically for a client and their product, a full commercial printing company is probably what you want. So, postcards yes!

Harold Chayefsky

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