Wintry Press Poster Info

I don’t know if this is real info for everybody, or anybody. But, I thought I would talk about the different poster possibilities and jobs that Wintry Press has produced over the years. I suppose the first poster is the poster we all think about. A large sheet of paper printed on one side with the message, or the image of the product as a prominent part of the design. These posters can range in size (and still be called posters), form smallish (11″ x 17″) to very large, meaning 3′, 4′ or even 5′ or 6′. Printed sheets/posters can be bigger, but I will stop there because at a certain point they become banners, and not posters. Another type of poster can be a mounted poster. This can be, and usually is, the same sheet of paper, but the poster gets mounted to some sort of heavy board. This can be 40 pr 50 point board and up, but can also include gator board and foam core board. This type of finished product will usually be produced in smaller quantities, and used for display, rather than adhered to a wall or window. The third type of poster to talk about today is the display or banner. There is such a wide variety, so I will touch on a few possibilities. There is the offset printed poster/display, which can go up to about 4′ x 7′. This is a traditionally printed piece. It is printed on an offset press (a large one to be sure), but a printing press. So, printing large quantities makes sense, because of the production speed of a traditional offset press. There is also the digitally printed poster/banner/display. This type of production is much slower, and consequently is used for small quantities. All methods, coupled with good design and good print production will yield very nice results.

Harold Chayefsky

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