Wintry Holiday Idea

For a recent holiday card, Wintry Press printed a small 5″ x 7″ card for ourselves. The nice thing about this card, as simple as it was, is that the 4 color image on the front could not have been printed conventionally with any where near the quality we were able to get on the digital press (Indigo in this instance). The color photo sat on top of the 100# Cougar Opaque Natural Vellum cover stock, giving a vibrancy and saturation that simply could not have been achieved with ink and water-too much absorption. I’m not saying that with the correct pre-press moves and good printing the results would not have been phenomenal with conventional printing, but not nearly as simple, fast or economical for only a few hundred cards. When printing on uncoated stock, digital is a great way to go to receive great results from a nice color photo. Keep in mind that type, solids and other art might not give you what you’re looking for each time. Light colored type might appear funny, because it will be made from 4 colors. Other types of art might appear streaky or blotchy. But, nice photos, and especially nature subjects will turn out nice almost every time. Give it a try, or even a test try. Wintry Press will be glad to help.

Harold Chayefsky

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