Wintry Press Thermography

I suppose my question to myself is this: Is thermography on the rise as a printing method for higher end uses? And, I suppose my answer is, maybe. Two recent inquiries, and one job, both from graphic designers/creative directors, as all I have to go on right now. But, when you get two in a row of something that Wintry hasn’t seen in years, you wonder where it’s going. Letterpress did this a few years back, and made a beautiful come back in the commercial high end print world. Like letterpress, thermography has been around for a long time. It has been used mainly (I say this cautiously) as an inexpensive way of producing, mass producing, business cards, wedding invitations, etc. Choose from a few styles and colors out of a book, and for really just a few dollars you have 250 or 500 business cards. By the way, this mass production of business cards, letterhead, postcards, is being done with offset printing quite effectively. But, offset printing always had it’s lower end and higher end. Thermography, unlike offset or engraving never really had both. I will report back after these jobs are printed, how the process worked. Perhaps the printing industry isn’t over it’s revolutionary stages. Perhaps there is more to come. Look to the design world.

Harold Chayefsky

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