Wintry Press Posters

What amazes me these days (it shouldn’t, it’s been happening for a while), is the speed that the new presses can hang plates, get register, achieve and hold color. Though the basic technology of offset printing has not changed much for years-you know, all and water don’t mix-what has changed is the refinement of settings, and of course, the connection now between pre-press and press. This allows all the information from pre-press to be transferred to the press. When the press person gets the plates to hang (automatic plate hangers), color and register are pretty close. I say all this preliminarily to the actual subject title of this entry. The 3 posters Wintry printed recently, each had different images, and therefore different sets of plates and new makereadies for each. We had our client on press. We started the first poster at around 8:30 AM. By 10: 30 we were finished with any color maneuvering we needed to do on the third poster, and by 10:45 or so, the job was finished and we were off to the next job. True, they were short runs, but with everything connected, and automated, hanging plates, getting register and color set, took about 30 minutes. I know it’s fairly common these days (speed, speed, speed), but I’m still amazed.

Harold Chayefsky

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