Wintry Press/Static Cling

Many of you probably know about this product. But, maybe you don’t know that Wintry Press is able to produce/print this product. This product is a clear piece of static plastic held against a white paper paper backing via static. The printing goes down on the plastic, and the plastic is then peeled off the backing and placed on a window (usually). It is held fast to the window with static, and is removable and can be placed in another spot whenever desired. I’ll give a brief description a job Wintry prints on this product/substrate, just in case. This is a simple 2 color job with a white background for opacity. The color goes down first, but at that point looks very ¬†transparent, and is hard to determine what the final will look like. So, to simulate the final look, the plastic is peeled and placed on a white surface to give a decent look at what the final piece will look like in the window. The color can then be brought up or down to the desired level. Finally, after the color goes down, the opaque white is printed on the entire sheet, and the piece is finished. It is then trimmed and ready for use. There is also another product called Cling Z which will hold to sheetrock. But,
that’s another spot.

Harold Chayefsky

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