Wintry Press Velvet Touch

I don’t know how long this product has been on the market, but we discovered it about a year ago. It was brought to our attention by a client of ours who wanted to use the Curious Touche paper, but wanted a less expensive alternative. We were sent a printed sample. After some research-talking to other print companies, talking to ink companies, we learned this was a coating applied using an aqueous coating tower, or one of the press units. It can go down on coated paper, and uncoated paper, creating a velvety feel, similar to the Curious Touche. There is no special paper or drying required (such as UV), but I suspect it would give a more pronounced affect with a UV press. We tested it on various stocks, and it worked well. It costs a bit more than varnish or standard aqueous coating, but the results are unique, and can be dramatic.

We used the product on a few jobs, and the results are always good, and the clients pleased. It’s different, but you know by now, that Wintry Press likes simple and inexpensive solutions to what otherwise might be complicated and expensive solutions when possible. Something to think about (the product and your project).

Harold Chayefsky

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