Curious Wintry Press

The Curious line of printing papers are an interesting and exceptional group. The inks have to be right-oxy-bind, and coating the printed piece is not a bad idea. Wintry Press produced a job on Curious Metallic stock with dark blue ink. there was also black, but the predominant color was blue, in large solids. What makes this stock so cool is that when printed on with the usual transparent inks, the metallic sheen of the paper comes through the ink, and provided, in this case, a blue metallic sheen. In effect, turning a straight PMS color into a unique metallic color, depending on the Curious Metallic stock chosen. After foil stamping the piece, and with the designer leaving panels of mostly paper showing, the contrast between the blue and the silver gold metallic of the paper was dramatic. This paper is expensive, but has a lot of possibilities, and is certainly unique. There are a few similar stocks on the market now, but each has its own unique qualities. More on the other stocks and finishes later.

Harold Chayefsky

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