Wintry Press Metallica

Once again, the most unexpected things pop up seemingly out of nowhere.

About a week ago, Wintry was asked to print a “simple” business card. The business card printed in 1 color, metallic silver on black cover stock. Now, most commercial offset printing inks are transparent. But, the true metallic inks are fully opaque, and will print solidly on dark uncoated paper with only one hit of the color. We happened to have some black cover stock laying around-go figure. And, of course, silver metallic is usually close at hand, at least in small amounts. Though I know printing the silver on the black or dark blue stock will work, I always question whether it will work the way we want it to work. But, it did! The silver printed clean and smooth, even the small type was crisp. It’s an interesting design choice, because it gives the client something a bit different, and it is effective, without having to screen print, foil stamp, etc. This was also printed on a small press. It is not necessary to do this on a large commercial 40″ press. It works very well.

Harold Chayefsky

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