Wintry Press & Mayor Bloomberg Luncheon

It’s been a few years since this job passed through the shop, but it seems worth mentioning. Wintry Press produced a few items for a catering company, that was catering a luncheon for Mayor Bloomberg. There were the usual items-place cards, menu, etc., but the item I want to talk about is the hamburger wrap. As is usually the case, it was a simple piece with an interesting use, and a few challenges. The piece was simply a form of belly band, that happened to want to be wrapped around the belly of a cooked and served hamburger. The tricky part was how to fasten the closed ends around the back of the burger, quickly and easily. And, that could also be removed quickly and easily. The solution was the post-it note type glue. That way, we could ship the bands flat, and they could be removed, wrapped and sealed quickly and cleanly-no muss, no fuss. This worked well-a success all around.

Harold Chayefsky

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