Wintry Press UV

Wintry was awarded a beautiful catalog to print recently. The inside pages contained photos, solid title pages, and a lot of information in its 100 plus pages of text. The text printing was was easy enough, using 200 line screen, to be sure the photos reproduced nicely, and a satin aqueous coating, to be sure it could be handled without falling apart too quickly, or fingerprinting. The cover printing was also easy enough, incorporating 4 color printing, plus a spot PMS color, plus UV coating on the front cover. It was the UV coating that was interesting. The run was long enough to warrant running the spot UV in-line. Generally when spot UV is used, in the sheet fed commercial print world, the runs are smaller, and we would do the spot UV off line. Actually send the printed job to a UV laminating house. In this case, and it was very efficient, we printed, then ran the spot UV in line, coming off press with the job printed in 5 colors, plus the spot UV. We, and our client could see the finished cover immediately, plus the added benefit of not having to truck the job to the laminating house. Everyone was happy.

Harold Chayefsky

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