Wintry Stock Fun

We love paper here. When a client calls and asks to discuss paper possibilities for an upcoming project, we are in our element. Discussing the details of a project, dissecting those details, and then figuring out the best combination to achieve the desired results is satisfying-to both us and the client. On recent commercial print project we discussed paper for quite a while. Samples were sent to the client of various finishes and weights of coated stocks. The project had always been printed on an uncoated sheet, and they wanted the printed look of a coated sheet, without the slicker feel of some of the coated stocks. We thought a silk coated or a matte coated stock would work. But, then, we also wanted to find a heavy stock. Many of the matte papers are not available in heavy weights, because they tend to bulk more-they are less calendered during the paper making process. The stock that was ultimately chosen was a heavy matte sheet-100# text. When the book was printed in 4 color process, and finished with an aqueous coating, it had a lot vibrancy, and it had an almost uncoated feel, and a lot of substance. Everyone loved the results. The paper stays.

Harold Chayefsky

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