Formed Envelopes

Recently, Wintry Press and Harold Chayefsky produced envelopes from flat stock. To most printers out there this is no trick or great feat, but to some marketers, advertisers, designers this might be a handy thing to know. Envelopes for donation, etc. can be produced efficiently and relatively economically by printing flat stock, then gluing the sides to create the envelope pocket. Adding re-moistenable glue strips, perforations, etc. are not a problem at all. Depending on quantity these envelopes can be produced in line (very large quantities), or print first then form the envelope on special equipment after-either way is both quick and therefore efficient. Many sizes can be created-#9, #10, and other custom sizes depending on special needs. It’s an interesting process, and on that Wintry uses on a regular basis, as always with great results!

Harold Chayesfky
Wintry Press, Ltd.

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