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Food Labels

March 7, 2014

Harold Chayefsky and Wintry Press have produced some interesting labels lately. They are packaging labels printed in 4 color on an all temperature label stock (used in a freezer), and then coated with a coating that allows the labels to be printed on-in this case customized with the specific name of the contents in the package. This was interesting from a few points of view-the adhesive must be correct or the labels will simply come off the package when frozen (not good), and if the high gloss coating is not correct then the printing of the contents on the labels will smudge or nor adhere at all (also not good). It all seems obvious, but there are so many variables and options with adhesives, coatings, etc. that they all must be exactly correct for each specific application. For instance, there is also adhesive for extreme heat, that might label a car engine. More on that label to come.

Harold Chayefsky
Wintry Press, Ltd.


March 5, 2014

Harold Chayefsky and Wintry Press have produced many digital jobs over the past years as digital printing became more of a mainstream part of the commercial print world. I might have touched on this before, but I’m still surprised at how beautifully digital printing can look on uncoated stock-even uncoated vellum stock. We even printed a job on Cougar Natural cover that could not have been printed as well conventionally-the ink sat up on the paper allowing a vibrancy of color that just wouldn’t be obtained with ink and water. There is still always the type of digital press the job prints on, but it’s becoming more and more difficult to tell the difference between on printed jobs on different presses-more on this later. There is also the quantity issue, and it becomes tricky at what point for economic purposes to switch back to conventional printing. It’s all changing all the time, and the digital print world as much as anything.

Harold Chayefsky
Wintry Press Ltd.