Letterpress and more

Wintry Press recently produced a beautiful invitation that included letterpress printing on top of offset printing with the letterpress printing registered to the offset printing-there was also die-cutting and gluing of a sleeve for the invite, along with cards and envelopes (that’s all the “more” part). The letterpress part was a bit of a challenge because not only did it have to register, Wintry also had to be sure the color matched while overprinting and also had to be sure the impression was strong enough to look and feel like letterpress, but also had to be careful there was not so much impression that it obscured or interfered with the readability of the type on the other side. Of course, paying attention to these details and fiddling with it until it was just right, and what our client wanted, created a most beautiful end product.

Harold Chayefsky
Wintry Press

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