NYC Marathon 2015

Bill Reilly finished the 2015 TCS NYC Marathon this past Sunday-this was his 35th plus marathon, pushing himself backwards with his feet for the entire 26.2 miles of the course through all 5 boroughs of NYC-simply an amazing feet (no pun intended)! Of course, going downhill he does not push, we the guides (Harold Chayefsky, Juliana LeBlanc, Alice Lim, and Louis Pellino) run and he lifts his feet. DNA info wrote an article about Bill and the team this year if you want to check it out-it’s a great piece written by Nicole Levy. The race took a little longer than usual this year-warmish weather, etc., but he persevered as always through to the finish line. A shout out of congratulations here to all of the other Achille International athletes and their guides that competed in the marathon this year-it was a great day! And of course we must mention the fabulous Achilles staff that worked tirelessly to allow all this to happen for the athletes. They were there at the finish line to greet Bill and the team!
We were actually asked to get on to the sidewalk towards the end of the race by the NYC Police Department, as they needed to open the roads to traffic-they’d been closed all day of course. So we made our way along the uphill sidewalk of Central Park South to Columbus Circle, then back into the park to cross the finish line! An Achilles adventure, for sure!

Harold Chayefsky

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