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Wintry Press New Piece

May 3, 2010

I don’t post a description of all new pieces, of course, but this one stood out for a few reasons. The printed piece is actually quite simple. It is poster/folder that prints on 1 side. The design and ultimate goal between design and print, was to have it look like an architects folded blueprint. This was achieved with the designers choosing 2 blue PMS colors, and then tweaking the colors while on press to get the desired density. The paper could not be as light as everyone wanted, or as light as an architects blueprint. The piece needed to be hand folded, which required a stock that was heavy enough to take, and hold the scores. The scores would happen both vertically and horizontally, and at an angle at one corner. I will not be able to describe the last operation too clearly, but here goes. When the angled corner gets folded back, and the piece is folded down, the angled corner forms a triangular pocket. the final fold gets tucked into this pocket. the triangular corner can be lifted up and embossed with the architects stamp. Impressive, clever design, with the final piece working as intended.

Harold Chayefsky