Wintry Press Flip Book Fun

As is often the case in the printing business, especially in the commercial print world, specifications change. In this case, the job went from normal fun to a lot of fun in one easy, but vital change. This was a small flip book, printed with process inks. The usual flip book criteria of pictures being more and more completed as one flips through the book. The change was on the cover. The client decided to make the covers in 10 different colors, resulting in a rainbow of colors for the books when they are laid out on a desk, or put into a container for people to grab. It added more work, for sure, but with no delay, and without too much additional expense, the job became a unique piece for the client, and the recipients of the book. It was also about a 1/2″ thick perfect bound book, which made it all the more clean, and interesting.

Harold Chayefsky

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