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NYC Marathon 2015

November 6, 2015

Bill Reilly finished the 2015 TCS NYC Marathon this past Sunday-this was his 35th plus marathon, pushing himself backwards with his feet for the entire 26.2 miles of the course through all 5 boroughs of NYC-simply an amazing feet (no pun intended)! Of course, going downhill he does not push, we the guides (Harold Chayefsky, Juliana LeBlanc, Alice Lim, and Louis Pellino) run and he lifts his feet. DNA info wrote an article about Bill and the team this year if you want to check it out-it’s a great piece written by Nicole Levy. The race took a little longer than usual this year-warmish weather, etc., but he persevered as always through to the finish line. A shout out of congratulations here to all of the other Achille International athletes and their guides that competed in the marathon this year-it was a great day! And of course we must mention the fabulous Achilles staff that worked tirelessly to allow all this to happen for the athletes. They were there at the finish line to greet Bill and the team!
We were actually asked to get on to the sidewalk towards the end of the race by the NYC Police Department, as they needed to open the roads to traffic-they’d been closed all day of course. So we made our way along the uphill sidewalk of Central Park South to Columbus Circle, then back into the park to cross the finish line! An Achilles adventure, for sure!

Harold Chayefsky


June 18, 2015

It won’t be long now until another Hope & Possibility 5 mile race comes around-actually next Sunday June 28th in Central Park. This is a huge event and all proceeds go to the Achilles Track Club/Achilles International-an organization that allows people with all sorts of disabilities to participate in running/walking/rolling races and workouts. It’s also a fine social outlet for everyone involved. The race itself travels around the 5 mile loop of Central Park with thousand of people from all over the world participating. I, along with my other team Bill guides will out there guiding the ever energetic Bill Reilly who pushes himself backwards with his feet in a specially designed racing wheelchair-he does all the work, we brake and steer the chair, and generally try and stay in control as we sprint down the hills. Bill is once again looking for a new personal best on this course-when we do the workouts his miles range between 16 and 19 minutes, but for some reason when he gets into this race he averages around 14 minutes per mile-the competitive spirit in him. I think this will be my 6th year guiding this race, and it’s always an amazing experience. Bill has been featured in stories on ABC News, the Huffington Post, The Daily News, the Queens Gazette, and others. His story is out there, and we will be too next Sunday. See you out there!

Harold Chayesfky

Letterpress and more

June 17, 2015

Wintry Press recently produced a beautiful invitation that included letterpress printing on top of offset printing with the letterpress printing registered to the offset printing-there was also die-cutting and gluing of a sleeve for the invite, along with cards and envelopes (that’s all the “more” part). The letterpress part was a bit of a challenge because not only did it have to register, Wintry also had to be sure the color matched while overprinting and also had to be sure the impression was strong enough to look and feel like letterpress, but also had to be careful there was not so much impression that it obscured or interfered with the readability of the type on the other side. Of course, paying attention to these details and fiddling with it until it was just right, and what our client wanted, created a most beautiful end product.

Harold Chayefsky
Wintry Press

Round Cornered Book

March 12, 2015

Wintry Press recently produced a smallish booklet with rounded corners on the 2 front corners only-the spine corners remained square. The stock on both the text and the cover was the very high quality Mohawk Superfine-beautiful. The challenge on something like this is to figure out a way to get a very smooth radius without going to the expense of die-cutting. Many round corner jobs produced on a traditional round corner machine do not create a smooth radius, instead they create what can be a bumpy, curve-not pretty. We had to practice with several cutting edges, along with modifying the speed of the cut to produce a very smooth corner that was loved by our client.

Harold Chayefsky
Wintry Press, Ltd.

2014 NYC Marathon

October 16, 2014

Team Bill Reilly is once again running the epic 5 borough 26.2 trek, run, walk, sprint, of the
NYC marathon. Bill Reilly pushes himself backwards in a racing wheelchair using only his feet.
We (Harold Chayefsky, Wendy Furtado, Ariel Krieger, and Louis Pelino), his guides act as the
brakes and the steering for the chair-Bill does all the work, all the pushing. We are fundraising this year as we do every year for the non-profit organization we are all part of-Achilles International. Achilles provides the opportunity for people with all disabilities to participate
in main stream athletic events (running races, triathlons, etc.), along with weekly workouts, and
much more. Thanks, and We look forward to seeing you out there cheering or running on Sunday November 2nd.

Ariel’s fundraising page link

Edge Coloring

May 9, 2014

Wintry Press is working on a few jobs with edge coloring added. This basically requires printing business cards or any type of card, then coloring all 4 edges of the card to a specific color-PMS color match or otherwise. The process is very interesting, and when properly (beautifully) designed as these cards were, the effect can be striking, adding color to the edges to match some of the colors printed on the face of the card. The paper should be thick, so the color shows, but that can also be part of the design choice-subtle color on the edges or perhaps mounting 1 together 2 thick pieces of cover stock to bring a lot of attention to those colored edges. As always, in the hands of a good designer the possibilities can be endless! 

Harold Chayefsky
Wintry Press Ltd.

Food Labels

March 7, 2014

Harold Chayefsky and Wintry Press have produced some interesting labels lately. They are packaging labels printed in 4 color on an all temperature label stock (used in a freezer), and then coated with a coating that allows the labels to be printed on-in this case customized with the specific name of the contents in the package. This was interesting from a few points of view-the adhesive must be correct or the labels will simply come off the package when frozen (not good), and if the high gloss coating is not correct then the printing of the contents on the labels will smudge or nor adhere at all (also not good). It all seems obvious, but there are so many variables and options with adhesives, coatings, etc. that they all must be exactly correct for each specific application. For instance, there is also adhesive for extreme heat, that might label a car engine. More on that label to come.

Harold Chayefsky
Wintry Press, Ltd.


March 5, 2014

Harold Chayefsky and Wintry Press have produced many digital jobs over the past years as digital printing became more of a mainstream part of the commercial print world. I might have touched on this before, but I’m still surprised at how beautifully digital printing can look on uncoated stock-even uncoated vellum stock. We even printed a job on Cougar Natural cover that could not have been printed as well conventionally-the ink sat up on the paper allowing a vibrancy of color that just wouldn’t be obtained with ink and water. There is still always the type of digital press the job prints on, but it’s becoming more and more difficult to tell the difference between on printed jobs on different presses-more on this later. There is also the quantity issue, and it becomes tricky at what point for economic purposes to switch back to conventional printing. It’s all changing all the time, and the digital print world as much as anything.

Harold Chayefsky
Wintry Press Ltd.

Formed Envelopes

February 13, 2014

Recently, Wintry Press and Harold Chayefsky produced envelopes from flat stock. To most printers out there this is no trick or great feat, but to some marketers, advertisers, designers this might be a handy thing to know. Envelopes for donation, etc. can be produced efficiently and relatively economically by printing flat stock, then gluing the sides to create the envelope pocket. Adding re-moistenable glue strips, perforations, etc. are not a problem at all. Depending on quantity these envelopes can be produced in line (very large quantities), or print first then form the envelope on special equipment after-either way is both quick and therefore efficient. Many sizes can be created-#9, #10, and other custom sizes depending on special needs. It’s an interesting process, and on that Wintry uses on a regular basis, as always with great results!

Harold Chayesfky
Wintry Press, Ltd.

Wintry Press Pocket Folder Job

February 12, 2014

Wintry Press and Harold Chayefsky recently produced a very interesting pocket folder. Not a big difference from the many we see with a glued pocket on either side of the inside of the folder, except for one difference. The pocket folder stock was mounted to form a double thick folder. The result (without too much expense) created a very sturdy folder, capable of holding heavy pieces without the worry of collapsing. This folder was then enhanced with silver foils stamping-a handsome and practical piece when all was finished, glued, and folded.

Harold Chayefsky
Wintry Press, Ltd.