It won’t be long now until another Hope & Possibility 5 mile race comes around-actually next Sunday June 28th in Central Park. This is a huge event and all proceeds go to the Achilles Track Club/Achilles International-an organization that allows people with all sorts of disabilities to participate in running/walking/rolling races and workouts. It’s also a fine social outlet for everyone involved. The race itself travels around the 5 mile loop of Central Park with thousand of people from all over the world participating. I, along with my other team Bill guides will out there guiding the ever energetic Bill Reilly who pushes himself backwards with his feet in a specially designed racing wheelchair-he does all the work, we brake and steer the chair, and generally try and stay in control as we sprint down the hills. Bill is once again looking for a new personal best on this course-when we do the workouts his miles range between 16 and 19 minutes, but for some reason when he gets into this race he averages around 14 minutes per mile-the competitive spirit in him. I think this will be my 6th year guiding this race, and it’s always an amazing experience. Bill has been featured in stories on ABC News, the Huffington Post, The Daily News, the Queens Gazette, and others. His story is out there, and we will be too next Sunday. See you out there!

Harold Chayesfky

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